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"Emergency Incidents LIVE as They're Happening"

Here at USEmergAlerts,  you have the option of having emergency Incident Alert Notifications sent Direct to your Cellphone, or E-Mail Address.  This is the Modern Age, and most people practically live on their Phones.  So we have made our alerts Accessible to you Via text Message, SMS Message, MMS Message, Alpha Pager, E-Mail, as well as through Multiple Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger etc…….

Wondering how the Alerts Look Via Text, or E-Mail?


What About by E-mail??  The Cool thing about Receiving Alerts via E-Mail, is that The Alert is sent with a MAP link added to it, in which you can click on it, and it will map the location out in your Cellphones GPS Program in which you can Travel to the Location, or if your on desktop, it will open to Google maps and Pinpoint exactly where the incident is.

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Interested in Dispatching with UEA,  Go ahead and APPLY.  As soon as we receive your application, one of our Administrators will get you setup on the Dispatch CAD system.  Oh…  and if your Wondering how that Looks,  Here’s s Screen Shot of our CAD System.



Want to see it for yourself,  Click Here  UEA CAD SYSTEM


USEmergAlerts is a 100% Volunteer Group who Provides Emergency Incident Alert Notification Services to the Community.  Best of all,  UEA’s Services are 100% FREE!

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