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Fire Incident News At Your Finger Tips

Keep up to date with Live Reports and updates in regards to Fire Activity throughout the Country. Receive reports of Residential, and Commercial Structure Fires, Boat Fires, Vehicle Fires, Brush Fires etc….

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Police Incident Breaking News

USEmergAlerts dispatchers monitor police scanners and Live feds bringing you up to the minute reports of emergency police incident breaking news. Receive reports in regards to CONFIRMED armed robberies, bank robberies, shootings, stabbings, riots, swat call outs, barricaded subjects, hostage situations etc…..

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Fire/EMS Rescue Incident Information

Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services are always Active with Incidents throughout the Day and Night. Our Dispatchers will keep you updated with reports in regards to CONFIRMED Vehicle Accidents, Technical Rescues, Hi-Angles Rescues, Water Rescues etc…..

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UEA Severe Weather Alert Team aka UEA-SWAT

UEA-SWAT, is a Group of Volunteers from all over the US Who Monitor, and Report on Severe Weather Conditions from all over the United States. Our members are NWS/Skywarn, & Spotter Network Storm Spotters, Storm Chasers, Radar Technicians, and the Everyday Weather Enthusiasts. UEA-SWAT Utilizes Social Media, such as Facebook & Twitter, as well as Live Audio Communications via Zello to Bring Live Up to the Minute Severe Weather Reports. Our Spotters & Chasers on the Field, also utilize Live Video Feeds to report on current severe Weather Conditions. When it comes to Severe Weather, UEA-SWAT members are there to Bring you the Live info, and keep you informed of severe emergency weather conditions The UEA-SWAT Zello Two-Way TalkGroup Communication is utilized to maintain communication with field responders, as well as transmit over Live up to the minute reports of storm reports.

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Welcome to USEmergAlerts Incident Notification Service

Have you ever been walking down the street, or driving in your car, and saw Police Cars, Fire Trucks, or Ambulances Blaring down the Street with Lights and Sirens, and thought to yourselves… “I wonder whats going on…”  Well here at USEmergAlerts we have dispatchers all over the country who are EMT’s, Medics, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Dispatchers, Emergency Service Workers, Scanner/Radio Buffs, or your everyday average Joe who’s only interest is to Keep you Informed or whats going on around you.

We also know that Most Emergency Service workers like to know what’s going on while they are off duty, but they don’t feel like sitting in front of their radio or scanners all day, and they like to know what’s going on in the cities, or towns around them, in case they called for Mutual aid.  So why sit at your radio all day? Why monitor a scanner all day? Sit in the comfort of your home, relaxing & watching TV, and let USEmergAlerts monitor the Incident, and Let you know whats going on.

Here at USEmergAlerts(UEA for short), we bring you reports of emergency incidents live, as they are happening, and delivers them to your cellphone, pager, e-mail, or any txt, sms, mms device.

We have dedicated volunteers who monitor emergency incidents from all over the country, and page out the details related to Fire, EMS, Police, Weather & Traffic situations 24 hours, 7 days a week.

As a UEA subscriber, you have the ability to customize your alerts & alert areas anytime day or night. We also give our dispatchers the ability to receive alerts as well.

UEA also utilizes a Hotline via Text, E-mail, Radio over IP & Phone, which enable our dispatchers to report incidents directly from the scene giving you a first hand report of the incidents live as they are happening.

USEmergAlerts incident Notification Service is a Proud

National Incident Networks Member

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