UEA 5 Hour Moment of Silence in Memory of Keith Momberger 12/17/15


December 17th, 2014 UEA Lost a Dispatcher and Friend as he was Promoted to Glory. In memory of Keith Momberger, Tomorrow, on the 17thof December,  UEA WILL NOT PAGE OUT ANY INCIDENTS WHAT SO EVER OVER THE CAD SYSTEM, or transmit anything at allover all the UEA Zello Chanels FROM THE HOURS OF 0500hrs CDT – 1000hrs CDT(which is 0600hrs est-1100hrs est) This will be a 5 hour moment of silence for Keith from UEA. I dont care if there is a 9 Alm fire, we will not send it or transmit it during those Hours.

Thank you for your assistance, as we remember the Good times we Had with Keith. Also, Please Keep Elizabeth Momberger IA002/SWAT05 in your prayers, as this Marks 1 Year since the Loss of her husband, and Father of their Child Matthew. Pray for Lil Matty as well. Also Please Keep Keith’s Parents Elizabeth Coy Momberger & Keith Momberger Sr in your Prayers as well.