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General Rules and Guidelines:


Please refer to this list of incident alert guidelines before sending your alerts. This list is only intended to assist in keeping alerts simplified and accurate. 

All information contained in UEA CAD alerts is to come from actual received radio transmissions, heard directly from their own radio / scanners, via an online broadcast, or verified reliable news media sources.  

UEA reserves the right to refuse, or ban any dispatcher or person that has / or is causing problems on our network in order to keep this a family friendly and user friendly system. 

USEmergAlerts does not condone taking and redistributing reports from paid/for profit notification services(Example, IPN, 1RWN, BNN Etc...). HOWEVER - We are not against users reporting through our system and then redistributing their posts onto other systems - AS LONG as it was something they heard or saw / owned. This is your own alert and not someone elses.

Alert on MVA's with one or more of the following conditions:

a. fatalities
b. serious or multiple injuries
c. entrapment
d. ejection
e. request for ALS medic unit
f. air medevac launched to LZ for patient transport
g. vehicle on fire
h. causing significant road closure
i. involving PD, FD and/or EMS Units
j. involving Major Transportation (e.g. Mass Transit Bus or Commuter Train)
k. vehicle vs. vehicle
l. vehicle vs. structure
m. vehicle vs. pedestrian

Alert on Structure Fires with one or more of the following conditions:
(Alerts with units enroute but not on scene are not pagable)

a. confirmed working fire
b. structure fire with multiple calls(after being confirmed by unit's o/s)
c. structure fire with smoke showing
d. multiple alarms
e. occupant entrapment
f. exposure risk to other nearby structures
g. collapse/partial collapse
h. mutual aid companies requested to the scene (not put on standby, and cannot be paged soley as an update. must have additional fire info for paging also.) 
i. burn/smoke inhalation victim(s) 
j. hazmat involvement 
k. significant sized field or brush fires(Normally 1 acre or more)
l. brush fires endangering vehicle(s) and or structure(s)
m. aircraft or other large vehicle crash with fire
n. search and rescue ops

Alert on Police Incidents with one or more of the following conditions:

a. shooting w/ victim(s)
b. shots fired (Confirmed with shell casings, or Witnesses giving firsthand information on the shots fired)
c. stabbing w/ victim(s)
d. armed robbery
e. violent assault(WE DO NOT SEND SEXUAL ASSAULTS!!!!!!!!)
f. civil disturbance of a large or serious nature 
g. bomb incidents (non-explosion situations should have evac in progress & bomb squad activation)
h. SWAT team deployed(DO NOT PAGE W/ADDRESS)
i. armed hostage or barricade situations(DO NOT PAGE W/ADDRESS)
j. officer shooting/officer needs help(DO NOT USE COMPLETE ADDRESS)
k. foot or vehicle pursuit (give reason why suspect is wanted if known) 
l. larger scale search and rescue efforts (give reason for search if known) 
m. police helo deployed
n. search and rescue ops
p. never post any victim's names or any other personal information involved in an incident (please, no known suicides)
q. do not post any information that would compromise officer safety in any way


1. Do Not Post Automatic Fire Alarms

2. No known 'pot of food on stove' or 'bad cook' calls unless later declared a working fire by command o/s W / Extentionto the house, or walls.

3. Do not attempt to list every piece of equipment responding to an alarm, as it consumes the limited character count of the alert message.  (Use Units, Srvs, FD / PD etc...)

4. No routine EMS calls, i.e. Cardiac Arrest, Difficulty Breathing, General Sickness, Lift Assists or Transfers, etc. 

5. Remember character count is limited so please (clearly!) abbreviate whenever possible.  Keep to the 3 Line rule when it comes to the indicent DETAILS.  If the detail area is more then 3 lines in CAD, your alert will most likely be cutt off.

6. Do not post delayed or old alerts greater then 20 mins. (in progress, occurring incidents only if possible)

7. No Test Alerts unless auth. by an admin to do so.

8. Major weather alerts will be permitted, however not repeated updates. Please use common sense in judging which alerts should be posted and how. They should be interesting, newsworthy and/or priority type events, not routine occurrences. 

9. Zello Communications:  It is not Manditory, but well Advised for all Dispatchers to Download Zello, which can be found in the Google, Blackberry, ITune App Store, as well as  There are however certain rules in regards to Zello Use within USEmergAlerts(UEA).
- All Communications on Official Chanels of UEA must be 100%Confirmed, Acurate Information.
- When Requesting an Incident to be Paged, Dispatcher must Key Up Stating "(Disp ID) to any availible dispatcher to page out a Call"  If a Dispatcher is availible to page, they will Acknolege you, and take your information.
- If you as a Dispatcher, hear a Dispatcher requesting an incident to be paged, and You are availible to page out the call, and you acccept it,  It is now Manditory that you Page out that Call.  If you do not, It is grounds for disciplinary actions up to suspension, and possibly removal from UEA for multiple repeat issues.
- All Information recieved over Zello from Trainees, and or affiliates, Must be Confirmed prior to paging.

If you have any questions about sending incident alerts, please contact the UEA Support Team @


1) Per USEmergAlerts rules, we do not permit any information other than actively occurring public safety alerts from our coverage areas to be sent via our dispatch system.

2) The dispatch system is to be used exclusively for in-progress public safety incident alert information.

3) Use the "UPDATE" link in UPDATE INCIDENT tab to add any new updated information to the existing alert. Only important updates should be added. 

4) Absolutely NO SPAMMING will be tolerated. All alerts must be active incident related. Do not post URL web links(unless scene picture, or radio feed) or email addresses in alerts. All alerts are monitored and recorded. Any dispatchers who are found to have sent SPAM using the USEmergAlerts Dispatch system will have their membership immediately revoked, and will be permanently BANNED from the UEA System. 

We hope you find these guidelines helpful in making the USEmergAlerts incident alert system an easy to use and fun way to share your active incidents with other Scanning Hobbyist and online listeners. 

Thank you! for being part of the UEA Dispatch team.
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