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Welcome to the USEmergAlerts Incident Alerts CAD System Provided by

This is a State of the Art Computer Aided Dispatch System & Geo-Coding Mapping System. All Incidents paged which also show the Location directly on the map along with the incident details.

Some of the existing features include the following.

  • Notifications sent via email.
  • Notifications sent via SMS.
  • Notifications sent to your Twitter Feed.
  • All incidents are mapped to street level.
  • Zoom to map location via incident list.
  • Dispatchers have a built in online scanner.
  • Member & Guest Chat.
  • All Incident dispatched via Twitter are RT by @incidentmap & @USEmergAlerts
  • Dispatch via Mobile web, nothing to download, just go to the normal dispatching website, we will know you are Mobile.

For more information or questions, email USEmergAlerts.

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